We know from personal experience that privacy, whilst in your holiday home, is an important issue for most villa guests. We believe our villa to have the best privacy in this part of Florida - for the specific reasons we set out in this page:



1. Our Deck is Not Overlooked:


Orlando Executive Villa is at the end of a cul de sac. As a result it sits on a much larger than average plot, which allows the villa to sit inside a wide sweep / arc of land. This ensures that the nearest villas to our left and right are a long way away.


Please see the pictures below:


























Orlando Executive Villa is indicated with a red dot. You can see at a glance the separation from other villas. See the extensive range of pictures within this site to see this in practice. We are transparent about the location - others are less so because they have this issue to avoid.



Typical Villa Layout:


The following picture highlights the layout of villas in a nearby High Quality / High Class Development:





























This is the standard set up for Florida Villas. (Even otherwise very high quality villas.)


As you can see the villas, whilst beautiful inside and outside tend to be positioned side to side and back to back. Some villa owners will put a fence at the ends of the pool deck. This affords privacy - but loses the advantage of looking out onto beautiful views. At Orlando Executive Villa, you can experience the wonderful views - and still maintain the highest standards of privacy. It really is the best of both worlds



2. The Villa is Not Overlooked at the Back:


There are houses to the rear of the property - though they are way down the hill (a long way away) and unable to see into the deck due to its elevation.


Please see the picture below which illustrate that:


































Owners: Wendy and Joe White


Tel 07590 424840

Orlando Executive Villa