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Travel: Car Hire


Each of the Orlando Airports offer a range of Car Hire Companies.


Don't forget your driving license - including one for each of the named drivers.



  • Avis
  • Hertz
  • Alamo
  • etc (many others)



Click here to find current deals from Orlando Car Hire Companies



As with Cheap Flights - its worthwhile Googling "Orlando Car Hire" for current offers - though always check that the agent's desk is actually in the airport terminal - since some of the more obscure companies are a short bus journey away (to and from) the main terminals. Its a short journey you won't feel like making when you get off your flight and collect your baggage. You will be tired and in the mindset to "just get on" ans having the desk in the terminal building is going to be one less hassle for you!


The other issue to take account of is that the more obscure version of car you book the greater the likelihood that an availability issue might arise when you arrive - since your booking will not be for a specific car.


Popular types of car are:


  • Standard 4 door (eg Focus sized car)
  • Full Sized Saloon (eg Large Mondeo sized Car)
  • Standard SUV (eg Kia Sorento) - sometimes these have seating for up to 7
  • Mini Van sized vehicle - with seating up to 12


USA Car Hire vehicles are almost exclusively automatic. If you're unclear about how they work - don't worry its simplicity itself - a quick 2 minutes explanation from your  hire company will have you mobile - though watch out for foot operated hand brakes - which toggle on and off.


If you're staying in a villa - Car Hire is a must - Public Transport is only suitable if you're staying on Disney complexes.


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