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Travel: Flights


Orlando is served by two main airports and can be accessed from a third:


The two main airports are:


Orlando International Airport

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Sanford Airport

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Orlando International Airport is slightly closer to Highlands Reserve and is the destination for the following airlines:


British Airways

Virgin Atlantic

Thomas Cook


Sanford Airport is slightly further away from Highlands Reserve (though still eminently accessible) and is the destination for the following UK airline:




Additionally a wide range of connection flights fly in to each airport.


Cheap Flights:


To achieve cheap flights, the simplest method is to simply Google "Cheap flight to Orlando" and use the agencies that appear in the Search results.


Direct flights are obviously more convenient than connection flights, though its often cheaper to agree a connection flight by initially landing in one of the Eastern Side USA hubs such as Washington, Philadelphia, New York or Chicago.


This will give access to a wider range of carriers such as


American Airlines

Delta Airways

United Airways

US Airways


and others.


In truth - a short stop at an American Easter Side airport can give an opportunity to stretch legs, get US Immigration achieved and can save a considerable amount per person flying. Its a balance between price and convenience - though air travel tends to be a heavy [art of the overall cost of a Florida Holiday.


The third airport that is accessible for the villa is


Tampa Airport

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Whilst not recommended for flights to the villa - sometimes needs must. This is approximately 90 minutes drive away from Highlands Reserve.



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